Tim Paholak


I was born and raised in the Detroit area, was the fourth of five boys. After graduating from Michigan State I played rugby for five years working at different jobs to support my rugby life. By the end of the five years I was substitute teaching in the Detroit School system and enrolled in a Masters program at Wayne State University. Before beginning the study, I found out about Waldorf Education and instead of attending Wayne State, I went to the Waldorf Institute of Mercy College for one year and joined the Orientation Year.

Towards the end of the year I met a visiting teacher from the Camphill Movement, and international Community working with individuals with special needs. I had several opportunities to speak with him during his four week block. After my last conversation with him I decided to attend the Camphill Seminar the following September. During my twelve years in Camphill Special School Beaver Run, I finished the three year seminar, ran a pottery and a woodwork program, took care of the Estate and was a classroom teacher. Each of the twelve years I lived in houses with children with special needs.

After this time a small group of us founded Camphill Soltane, a Youth Guidance community with young adults from eighteen to twenty-five. I married during this time and we had two children. After eight years in Soltane, my family and myself moved to Camphill Triform in Upper State New York, also a Youth Guidance community. During my twenty-one years in Triform I have been a house parent, ran the Estate program, was in charge of student admissions, and was the Triform president for eight year.

I have been on various Boards for thirty-five or so years and am presently retired.