Chris Schaefer


Christopher Schaefer has had a lifelong involvement in Waldorf Education. He has been a student, a co-founder of a Waldorf School, a parent of Waldorf School graduates and as a board member and an advisor to Waldorf Schools. Chris has also directed a program is Waldorf School Leadership and Administration in China over the last three years. He has been an organizational development consultant and advisor to corporations such as Ford Motor Company and United Airlines as well as many small businesses, cooperative ventures, farms and alternative non-profit organizations. He is the co-author of Vision in Action: Working with Soul and Spirit in Small Organizations, (Lindisfarne) and the author of Partnerships of Hope: Building Waldorf School Communities, (AWSNA). He holds a PhD in International Politics and Economics and earlier in his career taught at Tufts University and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ( M.I.T). He lives in Great Barrington, Mass. and is now semi-retired.