Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To partner with people with special needs to create a place where they are empowered to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Our Mission

To create authentic and meaningful ways for people with special needs to develop positive relationships, make informed choices, use their personal strengths, talents and passions to participate fully as valued members of their community.

Core Values

  • We believe in the potential of every human to contribute and take pleasure in their productivity and relationships, independently of their abilities and disabilities.  
  • We share our lives with people with special needs and they with us.
  • We are a household — a family — bound together by mutual respect, work and love.
  • The most important thing in life is relationships.  Everything else is how we put substance and value around those relationships.

Who we serve

Stanton Home serves adults with a primary diagnosis of intellectual and/or developmental disability. The majority of the individuals we serve live at one of the Stanton Home residences, while others join us for the Day Program at 205 North Plain Road. Individuals remain in the program as long as we are able to serve their needs.