Nick and Andrea Stanton worked and raised their family in Camphill Special Schools at Beaver Run in Pennsylvania. This was a life changing experience for them, and the work became their life mission.  After 16 years there Nick and Andrea were ready for a new challenge.  Their commitment was to young people with disabilities who needed places to live, so they followed their destiny, packed up their five children and all their belongings and headed north to the Berkshires. They bought a fabulous farm and created Stanton Home.  That’s the short version.  The details of how things unfolded include a miracle and a lot of hard work.

Their approach to caregiving unites people with special needs with the volunteers and caregivers who support them. This model provides residential care in addition to daily therapeutic and skill building activities.

Nick and Andrea retired in 2013 and their son Peter Stanton became the director of Stanton Home. Under Peter’s watch Stanton Home has continued to grow and thrive.

“That you found this place will change your life and ours.”  
Whether you are a volunteer, an intern, a person with special needs, an employee or a visitor, time at Stanton Home can show you that here is a place that is guided, driven even, by the power of Love, by the irrepressible desire to care for others and this will allow you to go forward in life with more peace and confidence, with a renewed sense of purpose and faith in the ultimate goodness of life.
We invite you to suspend disbelief, go with the flow, keep your mind and your heart open and ask lots of questions.
We are speaking from experience, from first hand witness. We have heard from many who have visited, stayed or worked here; statements such as “I am not the same person I was when I came.” or “Being here has changed my life.” It has changed ours.
We are glad you are here.  We hope you enjoy our website and if you join us at Stanton House for an hour, a day, a year or a lifetime, we hope you are able to allow the power of this extraordinary place to warm your soul and that you are able to carry that warmth with you throughout your life.
Nick Stanton, co-founder Stanton Home